Using the Cognism Chrome Extension over Sales Navigator | Chrome Extension

Use the Cognism Chrome Extension on Sales Navigator to export lists of prospects or companies to the Cognism web application or your integrated CRM.

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Loading a list

  • Go to the list on Sales Navigator that you want to export and click the Cognism Chrome Extension.

  • Contacts and Companies in the Sales Navigator list you are viewing will load in the Chrome Extension with the relevant data. 

  • You can filter contacts in the generated list based on the type of data each contact has i.e. Mobile, Direct Dial or Email.

  • By clicking a filter, only contacts with the selected filter will be shown. You can select more than one filter at a time.

  • You can see if a contact belongs on a Cognism List, and whether it exists in Salesforce or HubSpot.

  • If you are viewing companies, you can save the company to the web application and access them under My saved companies or export to your integration.

Viewing Leads

To view Lead data, click the phone or email icon. The available data will be displayed in the dropdown.

Exporting Leads to a list

  • After the list of leads you are viewing on Sales Navigator is loaded in the Chrome Extension, select all leads, or specific leads that you want to export.

  • Click Export List. You can choose to export these leads to a new list or an existing list.

  • Before export, you can review the data before you click Export.

  • Toggle Allow Duplicates to allow duplicate leads to be exported.

Exporting Leads to an integrated CRM

Learn how to integrate Cognism to your CRM/Sales Engagement Platform...

  • Select all the leads you want to export.

  • Click Export and choose the CRM you are integrated with.

  • After clicking Export, you can review the leads you have chosen to export, and you can edit their details before export. You can export leads/contacts with multiple companies or accounts in the list.

  • If an account/company exists in your CRM, the new contact/lead will be added to that account/company. If the account/company does not exist in your CRM, a new account/company will be created.

Learn how to export to your integrated CRM

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