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Build a list of contacts you wish to target by using the Lists feature in your Prospector workflow. By saving to a list, it encourages and facilitates better collaboration across your team. Lists can be reviewed before pushing contacts in the list to your integrated CRM or engagement tool. 

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Saving to Lists

  • Use Prospector or the chrome extension to search for ideal contacts.

  • Select the contacts (from search results) or the chrome extension that are ideal for you and click Save to List.

  • Enter a name for the new list or select an existing one.

  • You can set a limit for the number of contacts that belong to a single company when saving contacts to a list.

If you have selected 25 contacts from different companies, and 10 work for Cognism, you can limit it to 5 contacts per company and only 5 contacts that work at Cognism will be saved to the list, along with the other contacts.

  • The Allow Duplicates toggle enables you to save contacts to a list that may have already been saved to another list (across your entire company account). If you're wondering why a certain contact wasn't saved to a list, it could be the result of this toggle being off. 

  • You can save contacts to a list that has already been redeemed. Select the existing list when saving contacts and you can redeem them at a later stage.

Navigating Lists

In the List tab, you can find your list and other lists from users in your account.

  1. Access Archived lists which can be reviewed to be restored or deleted.

  2. Filter lists by who created the list (owner of the list).

  3. Select a date range for when the list was created.

  4. Search by list name.

  5. Hide or show the list filters.

  6. Create a new list. This will just allow you to create an empty list and you can select it as an existing list when saving contacts to a list.

  7. Click the list name to review contacts saved to this list. When you click into a list, you can select contacts and export to your CRM or download a CSV.

  8. Click the 3 dots to archive a list or edit the name of the list.

View a List

After clicking into a list to view the contacts within it, you can use the filters available at the left of your screen to filter specific contacts.

  1. Search for a specific contact in this list.

  2. Search for contacts in the list that belong to a specific company.

  3. Only show contacts with a Diamond Verified mobile.

  4. Filter by redeemed or unredeemed contacts. Contacts that are unredeemed wil have an eye icon next to the phone and email icons. Or, redeem in bulk by selecting multiple unredeemed contacts and click Redeem Contacts at the top of the list.

  5. Filter contacts that have been updated (changes to one or more contact data points after clicking Refresh List).

  6. Filter out contacts that belong on a Do Not Call Registry.

  7. Filter contacts in the list by email quality.

  8. Filter contacts in the list by phone type.

Refresh your List

You may revisit a list that you created some time back. If you want to see if any contacts had changes to their data, click Refresh.

  • You will see the number of updated contacts in the list and the last refreshed date.

  • Contacts that have had updates will appear with a blue dot and clicking into it will allow you to view the changed data. You can also filter your list to only show the updated contacts by clicking the Updated checkbox in the filter panel to the left.

Contacts that have not been redeemed will have their Job Title and Company updated (if changes are detected). Redeem the contact to view all the updated data.

Move & Copy Contacts to other Lists

  • Select contacts that you want to move or copy to another list (or a new List).

  • Click Move to List and select whether you want to move these contacts or copy these contacts.

Moving contacts from a list will remove them from the current list to a new or selected existing List.

  • Click Continue and you are prompted to add these contacts to a new or existing list. Existing lists are selected by entering the list name and selecting from the dropdown.

  • If you want to create a new list for these contacts, enter a name for the list and click it in the dropdown. A new list will then be created.

Export to CRM

  • Select contacts you wish to export. (Contacts you wish to export must first be redeemed)

  • Click Export and select the CRM you are integrated with from the dropdown.

  • Review the export (Assign to an existing account in your CRM or a new one will be created if it does not exist).

  • The sync status will appear in the info column next to the contacts name. Red indicates that the sync has failed while blue indicates a successful sync.

  • If you want to download a CSV of the list, select contacts and click Download CSV.

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