Integrate Zapier with Cognism

Zapier automation enables you to get the quality data from Cognism into any tool that you may use. This allows you to export data from Cognism to an integration that we may not support natively. (E.g. Zoho, Bullhorn, etc.)

The Zapier integration allows export from Lists and the Zap you’ve built will run to get those records where you need them to be.

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Set up the Integration

Add the Cognism App to Zapier

  • Click your user avatar at the top-right and click Settings.

  • Click the Integrations icon at the left.

  • Scroll down to Zapier and click Add.

  • You are redirected to add the Cognism app to Zapier. Login to your Zapier account if you aren’t already logged in.

  • Click accept invite and build a zap.

Build a Zap

  • Click + Create and select create new zap.

  • Select Cognism Prospector as the trigger.

  • Select Contact export as the event and click continue.

This allows you to export contacts from a list.

  • Click Choose > + Connect a new account and you will be prompted to enter your Cognism API key to connect your Cognism account.

  • Click the link to generate your API key. Copy the API key from Cognism and go back to the Zapier window to paste it.

  • The Cognism application for Zapier will be connected and you can carry out a test trigger.

  • If this is successful (i.e. you see all the test data and fields), click continue to setup the action.

  • Select the application you want the data to be exported to.

  • Select the data you want to access under the Insert data… section.

  • Click continue and test action.

  • Go to the application you’ve selected to ensure the action has worked.

Sync time depends on the Zapier package you are on.

  • Click retest if the action has not worked as it should or click Publish to save the zap.

  • Click Publish and turn on to enable the zap.

  • Once the zap is published, head over to the Cognism web application and you should see the integration active with the event name and date that the zap was created.

Export to Zapier

  • Go to Lists and select one of your Lists.

  • Select redeemed records in your list.

  • Click the Export dropdown and select Zapier.

  • Your records would have been exported and you can access the records in the tool that you’ve chosen when your zap was built.

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