Using Salesforce Filters in Search

Once you, or your admin, have completed the Salesforce Data Import, and the data has been processed, a shiny new filter appears in Prospector Search. This filter allows you to identify net new records, or find prospects within your assigned accounts.

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Contact Search

  • Your filter panel will appear with a CRM section where you can use the toggle to remove records already in your Salesforce CRM.

  • When this toggle is off (which is default), the exclude existing lead and contact checkboxes, along with the record owner dropdown, are disabled.

  • With the toggle switched on, all records already existing in your Salesforce are removed from the search results.

  • The exclude leads and contacts checkboxes are also selected.

    • Unchecking existing leads, or existing contacts, allows you to exclude Leads or Contacts that already exist in your Salesforce from the search result.

  • By default, All Owners will be selected in the Record Owner dropdown. Click the dropdown to select specific record owners.

  • You can select multiple record owners.


  • To find contacts for existing accounts in Salesforce, click on the Accounts option.

  • To search for contacts belonging to a specific user's accounts, use the Account Owner dropdown and select All Owners or choose one or more specific owners

  • To exclude any existing contacts from the search results, check the Exclude existing contacts from results checkbox.

Company Search

  • To include or exclude account owners from your search results, use the Account Owner dropdown and select one or multiple owners.

  • To exclude existing account owners from your results, mark the Exclude existing accounts from results checkbox.

  • To include or exclude specific account types from your search results, use the Account Type dropdown.

  • To exclude certain account types from your search results, check the Exclude account types from results checkbox.

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